Good nutrition for healthy teeth

Good nutrition for healthy teeth

In order to maintain the health of the teeth and the entire oral cavity as a whole, it is necessary to eat right. A balanced diet can reduce the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and plaque.

The first step to improving dental health is to reduce the consumption of foods containing sugar and acids. They can damage the enamel and provoke the appearance of bacteria that contribute to the occurrence of dental diseases. It is recommended to increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables and protein products.

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Fruits and vegetables contain water and fiber, which remove food residues from the mouth and promote the production of saliva, which fights bacteria. Protein foods, such as fish and nuts, contain vitamins and minerals necessary for dental health.

To strengthen tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay, it is recommended to increase the consumption of foods containing calcium, such as dairy products, broccoli, almonds and caviar. You should also reduce the consumption of sugary snacks and drinks and rinse your mouth with water after eating.

Vitamins and minerals are also important for healthy teeth. For example, vitamin C and calcium help strengthen tooth enamel, and vitamin D allows you to better absorb calcium from food. Zinc and iron are also important for dental health.

It is important to remember that a healthy diet is not the only part of caring for healthy teeth. Daily oral hygiene and regular brushing of teeth and interdental space will help to remove food residues and bacteria, reduce the risk of developing dental diseases and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.


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